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All original content is the copyright © 2005-2021 of Thierry Heles (hereafter author and/or webmaster). All rights reserved. All original works published on this website are protected by the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. You may quote content only if your post is about the work in question and includes a link to the respective post on this site. All other copies, reproductions, publishing (print, web or any other medium), alteration or P2P sharing is not allowed without written prior consent by the author. The author may refuse permission without justification.

• Other Licenses
Should an original work by the author be published under a different license such as Creative Commons or Copyleft, this will be clearly stated alongside the work in question. In all other cases, copyright laws apply as per the above.

• Links and Comments
The webmaster cannot be held responsible for content linked to from this site nor for the content of sites that link to He can also not be held responsible for the content of comments that were not written by himself, but does reserve the right to delete such comments if they contain racist, xenophobic, homophobic or otherwise objectionable phrases, and other material that may be deemed offensive or is illegal.

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When you use the contact form to get in touch with the webmaster, your email address and IP address are stored in order to prevent bots. The author may use your email address to reply to your query, but will never use your details for any other purpose.
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You can request to receive a copy of your data or have your data erased at any time by contacting the webmaster. is a private blog, not a business, and no money is made by the author from running this site. Your details will never be used for marketing purposes. The blog is stored on servers in Germany.

• Changes
This text may be altered at any time and without notice, and it is your responsibility to regularly check whether any changes have occurred.

• Nullification
If any of the above is incompatible with current British law, it will be replaced by a new clause which is not. If this is not possible, the law will simply replace the item in question. This does not affect the validity of the rest of this notice.