Today, this blog turns ten years old. I hesitate to claim that I’ve been blogging for ten years; it’s not exactly been busy here recently.

Ten years is a long time. Enough time to find a lot of the posts from back then cringeworthy (admittedly, sometimes ten minutes is enough for that to happen). When I first launched this blog, I had a co-author, Serge, who left shortly afterwards to write his own, separate blog. I still lived in Luxembourg – I’d only just finished school and joined University of Luxembourg. My grandparents were still alive, though that wasn’t true for much longer for my granddad, who lost a quick but brutal fight against cancer less than a year later.

I hadn’t met any of the people yet who are my closest friends now. I hadn’t met my other half yet (don’t tell her, but I am quite fond of her).

I hadn’t lost any of my closest friends yet. Most of the people I spent my days with ten years ago I haven’t seen in about just as many. I don’t really know why, apart from the significant distance that is between us but you’d think technology would solve that. It’s a natural part of life to leave people behind and to be left behind, I suppose, but that doesn’t make it any less sad.

Ten years is a long time. Perhaps too long to sum up in a simple blog post without cranking out 10,000 words – and nobody wants that.

The important thing is: I’ve come out the other end lucky and happy in love, friendships, work and the place I call home. And I’ll keep stumbling, meandering, running, laughing and crying my way through this damned thing we call life because, wow, isn’t it amazing.

Thank you all for being part of the journey.


2 thoughts on “Ten”

  1. Once in a while I go through my photo archive and the snapshots send me on a trip down memory lane. I’ve never been a writer so I wonder how ten-year-old blog posts compare to ten-year-old photo albums. I have a bunch of photos that I applied irreversible filters to, and when I see them now I wonder “what was I thinking?”. But in a way they show me what kind of person I was then and what I thought was cool a that time.

  2. I’m sorry I don’t visit your blog as regularly as I used to. It’s bizarre how some of your closest friends can become the strangest of strangers. However, I’m happy we met and that we still “know” each other, even if we only see each other every leap-year or so.

    Lesstay fwiends 4eva, pwease

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