Zitater (33)


Ech brauch nei Still fir de Balkon, mäin Aarsch schléift ëmmer an. // No women, but you could shag a kebab. // I’m not thinking about your cock. Much. // Quite frankly, if you don’t care about apostrophes then I don’t care about seeing your breasts. // Ech hu sou komesch Flecken um Pyjama an ech weess net wisou. Vläit hunn ech een am Schlof ëmbruecht. // Wild monkey sex! // You just kissed my tits! // Cum on your face is really not a nice feeling. // I am downloading ‘gay truth or dare’. // NSFW-but-innocent-looking? Isn’t that just Thierry in general? // Can I have my smoky Mexican with honey? // The best thing about our generation is that we have porn in HD. // It’s like a weird mix between Pokémon and kink. I’m a little bit scared. // I am going to date Taylor Swift, tell her my favourite fruit are oranges, then break up with her. She’ll never find a rhyme for that and she’ll never be able to write a fucking song about me. // Stop whipping me! // Bring a hearty sense of adventure, and the willingness to blow raspberries longer and harder than you’ve ever done before. // Does Felicia Day have a boyfriend? If not, how do we get her to go out with Thierry? They would be perfect together. // I told my parents we moved into that house because it’s near the church. The truth is, there’s also two pubs on that street.


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