Zitater (32)

Ech fille mech ëmmer wéi an engem Atomkrich wann ech Heinz Béchsen opmaachen. // There’s always strip poker… // 1890 goufen et 40’000 Houeren zu New York. // I shall let it steep for the recommended five minutes. // Et ass Seattle, ‘t ass net wéi wann een do iergendeppes géif futti maachen wann een eppes Ellenes dohisetzt. // Don’t cum on my face, please! // There’s never an excuse to keep your socks on during sex. // There’s bacon flavoured lube! // Not many people know that Thierry has a dark side. // More drinks! Less clothes! // I have a filter set up on OKCupid that blocks anyone who writes “i”, because you really don’t want to date people who can’t spell. I don’t get many matches. // Thierry should never be a leader. He’d push that red button if someone just stepped on his foot. // Natierlech ass de Wand reguléiert, a Bayern däerf een nëmmen mat Genehmegung blosen. // When I become world leader, there’ll only be nice people left. You could count them on one hand, but hey. // I’ve just worked out that me and you spent more time in pubs than asleep this weekend. // Play-Doh bondage, anyone?

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