Sou. Genau sou.

I was at the University of Birmingham studying English – a full life that was completely safe. I spent most of my time directing plays in my spare time, which is what I really wanted to do. (…) And yes, you can do that, it’s one of those things that you won’t get an advert for, you actually have to do that yourself. It’s dead easy to do that at school or at university, because there are rooms that you’re entitled to use, and there are loads of like-minded people hanging about with the same amount of time on their hands and you can put stuff on relatively easily.
Once you get out into the real world, after university, and that black year of horror that nobody tells you about… It’s an appalling year, the year after university, and nobody ever gets warned about this, but it’s horrendous. And all of the stuff that was just kinda open to you is gone. The minute you throw that mortarboard in the air at graduation, it’s all gone.

Chris Addison

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