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February 2012

Michael Lee: “Pass On”

Huelt iech véier Minutten an genéisst déi Gänsehaut, déi dee Mann mat sengen aussergewéinlechen Zeilen an deem wonnerbare Rythmus provozéiert. Et ass dowäert.

And All Those Moments We Shall Never Share

Particles of light I can almost touch
with my fingertips whistling down the road
in between preying raindrops and a few
maple leaves from the park around the corner.
Their syrup dropped off meatballs once
in a small pub several memories away
when the extent of all the seas on earth
couldn’t capture that single moment of sadness.

So close to the light I can almost embrace it
with these arms I used to wrap around you
just for a little while longer one time
at a train station so many memories away.
I don’t order desserts anymore
they’re not meant to be eaten alone,
they capture too much happiness for one soul.

I should feel the rain soaking my clothes
and running down my face, my arms, my fingertips,
in between particles of light coalescing.
It meanders, still, my heart, now
and sometimes it skips a beat when I reminisce
with empty eyes.