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Zitater (30)

“I prefer men clean-shaven down there.” // “I know German. I learned it from porn. Spitzenbusen! Zwei Minuten!” // “Lean over, you’re getting spanked now.” // “I’m still retracing my steps, but I think I spent eighty quid last night.” // “I figured out what those people are doing here. They’re having a reunion. It’s been twenty years since they had their big orgy.” // “He went out for one drink. He came back the next morning at 10 having fucked a fresher.” // “A toast: to boobies!” // “Don’t download porn! Stream it!” // “The conversation started by looking at machine fucking porn on an iPhone in Wetherspoon’s. What did you expect? A highly intellectual point at the end of the story?” // “De Georges huet bestëmmt ee Buch doriwwer.” // “Oh dear. I’ve introduced Thierry to the website that will finally turn him into the man who kills all of humanity.” // “I’m quite disappointed that the ‘elephant burgers’ don’t actually have elephant meat in them.” // “£30 dat sinn 300€, oder?” // “You don’t go out and come back home with more money than you left. What happens is you spend the forty quid you took with you, take out another eighty, and come back home with fifty left.” // “Den Thierry ass allergesch géint … alles wat Chlorophyll huet, zesummegefasst.” // “‘t ass gutt, dass du keng Zitater méi op däi Blog setz.”

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