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Tempus Edax Rerum

What if we could have lived
five hundred years, seen
the last starlight bursting between fingertips and cheeks,
time begin as sleep fades away while
eyes sparkle skyblue in the morning rays
exploding through the aluminium blinds as hearts
skip one thousand beats, two for each year.
What if we could have let
dreams latch on to the smell
of freshly brewed coffee from next door
breaking into our world four walls large.

Five hundred years we could have lived
and eventually I wouldn’t have missed
the old home that crumbled under scorching moonlight
with a pearl slowly trundling down meadows
in a small city somewhere far down south.

What if we could have lived
five hundred years, seen
questions emerge between gradients of black and blue
to the answers we had and couldn’t
put into little boxes to store them away with
the perfumes of past loves blazing
through our memories like cigarettes through coffee stains.
What if we could have let
our futures share their hopes of
weaving woolen scarves for each other encapsulating
an innocent love still five hundred years from then.

2 thoughts on “Tempus Edax Rerum”

  1. ‘trundling’ <3 I'm impressed time and again with the images you manage to evoke in my mind.
    On a sidenote, there's a dealink in there.

  2. Thanks! :)

    Argh, I forgot a quotation mark. Actually, thinking about it, having a link in a poem looks weird… But it (should have) lead to this. I’ve had that moment in my head for so long now, and I have a feeling five years from now I’ll still be so obsessed I’ll take yet another approach to it. :D

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