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Within Without

He throws her into the toilet booth, pulls her miniskirt down
she grabs the spliff from his mouth, rips the buttons of his jeans open
no condom, no time, the DJ’s beats drum on from outside, faster
she grabs the boner, sticks in it, he starts thrusting, harder
sweat dripping down from their faces, their bodies out of control,
alcohol drenched shirt and top sticking to their skin
she holds the smoke – French kiss
his hands pushed under the top, moving over the pierced nipples
squeezing the breasts, her hands lifting the shirt, scratching his back,
the skin under her fingernails, some blood
he’s thrusting faster, they’re moaning harder
she’s off the ground, legs around his pelvis,
finger in her ass, head against the wall – the booth shaking,
louder louder screaming final thrust.

3 thoughts on “Within Without”

  1. Ech wees net, wat ech dozou soe soll. Häss de dat virun enger Woch gepost, ech wier wahrscheinlech gestuerwen. Et gefällt mir. Vläit grad doweinst.

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