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Zitater (26)

Rickards. Roof terrace. Now. You cocksucker. // He said ‘see you in an hour’, so we won’t see him till midnight when he comes stumbling in utterly wasted. // If binge drinking is defined as four pints, what do we call your fourteen pints now? // Barney Stinson? Who’s he? // I gave her boyfriend a condom, he looked very confused. // Every time I have a drink in there I’m with a different girl, I wonder what the bar staff thinks of me. Maybe I should ask her out… // What were you hoping for? That I don’t know what buggering is so that you could seduce me later? // It’s the same on Kitchen Nightmares every time Gordon Brown tries the food… // There’s obviously a lot of sexual tension here. Wanna fuck? // We can call it the W. paradox: there is always enough beer for one man, but a man never has enough beer. // I decided to call it a night when he came back to the flat with carpet burns and a bra that apparently wasn’t his girlfriend’s. // You two shagging each other yet? // I still had a hangover from last night and I was five pints drunk when my lecturer came into the pub. // She’s not your girlfriend? But you two are so close… Have you tried sleeping with her? // Bon, ech si mol duschen, d’Joer ass bal riwwer a virun den Examen wollt ech mech nach eng Kéier wäschen… // Sief dach frou, datt et op mannst sange kann. Et gi Leit déi sinn net schéin a kënnen net sangen. D’Grinsekatze z.B.

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