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Zitater (25)

Wann ech all Kéier eng Pizza kriitt wann ech ee Blowjob géif ginn… // Thierry, du Arsch, ech fisten dech déi nächste Kéier wann ech dech gesinn, du Kanak. // Ech mengen ech si schwanger. // Punch the cunt! // God sends angels, the devil sends Thierry. // She never complained. I’m sure she didn’t leave me because I hit her… Although now that you mention it, it’s all starting to make sense. // Rape? Chances are she spread her legs willingly and her brother walked in on it. // I’m gonna go steal a car and beat up hookers now. And then I’m gonna play on Grand Theft Auto. // Of course I want whipped cream. It’s a Tuesday after all! // Hit him with the bag, you fucking pussy. // Edward tampons, I think there’s a market for that: Bella blankly stares into the camera. You can see her arm move, the camera follows her hand. Deep American voice-over: “The new Edward tampon… Sucks blood like no other tampon. By Stephenie Meyer.” // Schiefer. Dreem eppes Schéines. Féck dech. Yay! // What? “Them niggas have big cocks” is racist? That’s not racist, that’s a compliment! // A big fight outside Flares, half a dozen police cars all over St Mary… I love Cardiff. // Put that cookie down now! // Froe mech, wéini dem Thierry seng Hochzäit beim Gloda ze gesinn ass.

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