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Zitater (24)

Ech war jo net dooooo, soss hätt ech em säi Kuerzen och iergendwou ragestach. // Now that the girls have gone we can finally talk about our feelings and shit. // Féck dech. You’re a special kind of nice. // The bar is pretty low even with us girls around. // ‘Grrmpf’ is my way of saying: I like spending time with you. // Oh no, now my hands smell of condom! // I need someone to smash my pastry. // Have vagina. You like? // Go on, have a lap dance, hun. I just had one myself so I won’t be mad. // We got seven minutes before we have to get on the train. Quickie? // I might have touched your girlfriend’s sexy ass… // Juncker locutus, causa finita. // I have had more success in gay bars than anywhere else. With boys and with girls. // She’s got bondage straps in her wardrobe. That’s something I never wanted to know. // They clingfilmed my entire room! // ‘Gegoogelt’ kléngt einfach besser ewéi ‘mir hunn et geredtubet’. // I’ll die young and leave behind a beautiful body… not my body! // I told her you’re a bit weird but that she’ll get used to you… like a bad cough.

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