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Zitater (22)

This is quite romantic… Agree!!! // You never get any sympathy from men. // I want to see you naked. // I remember my birthday. Well, I saw videos of it. // I just made a Cornish pastry by accident. // Ah, Pompjeen. Hei ass eng méi lass. Kuck mol eriwwer op d’Héichhaus, ‘t kënnt bestëmmt gläich ee Fliger. // Sniff my balls, Hillary Clinton! // We have a new housemate. I call him ‘less sexy Thierry’. // I want to come over to yours again and play with your Polly Pocket. // Why do you have a picture of my ass? // All this Christmas decoration before Halloween and Bonfire Night makes me depressive. // I’m a very moist man. // Does anyone mind if I take off my clothes in the living room? // My girlfriend is six years old. I tried getting a younger girl, but they’re very expensive. // After you, Sir. Or Miss. Whatever you’re going by at the moment.

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