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Zitater (17)

Get the pineapple! Get the pineapple! // Why would you not want to have sex with my girlfriend? I know you’ve been looking at her breasts! // Your tongue looks like that of a sad dog who lost something in Vietnam. // This is a good place for a rape. If you want to go ahead with her, give me a sign, and I’ll leave you to it. // You two will get run over, and the headline will read: ‘boy and girl get killed while bystander quietly walks off.’ // Everyone has to leave the house tomorrow night, because their housemate and his girlfriend want to have sex, very loud sex. // It’s nothing personal against you. I just hate girls in general. // He whacked your pickle! // I was so busy standing up for Carl S. Berg that I completely forgot I was actually supposed to meet up with him. // Done. So now if someone asks us, ‘what did you do Friday night,’ we can reply, ‘I killed Patrick, Colin and Killburn.’ // Don’t tell me you’re so confident you’ve never measured your cock? // I’ll just sleep here outside of Tesco for an hour till my shift begins.

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