How awesome is that?!


Just received this email from Sigur Rós:

To show our gratitude to you for your support in ordering the Deluxe Edition we want you to become a part of it. We are going to credit you and all the people who have purchased the Deluxe Edition so far by listing your name in the book. That way you will become part of this unique document.

Yay. Wow!


2 responses to “How awesome is that?!”

  1. An weieen Film ass daat?

  2. De Film ass eng Dokumentatioun wéi se hiere neien Album opgeholl hunn. Bei der Deluxe Editioun krut een DRM-fräien Download eng Woch firum offizielle Release, kritt d’CD, eng DVD an ee Buch – an a leschterem nennen se jo dann anscheinend all déi Leit, déi d’Deluxe Editioun bestallt hunn.

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