RIP Arthur C. Clarke


One of the greatest authors of our time, Arthur C. Clarke – perhaps best known for 2001: A Space Odyssey and its sequels – passed away.


3 responses to “RIP Arthur C. Clarke”

  1. That is truly a big loss!

  2. Wierklech een super Auteur! Och emsetzung vun 2001 zusummen mam Stanley Kubrick ass einfach nemmen herrlech!

  3. Cool man, indeed. Although some of his books sucked too ;)

    I also respect him for this: “Sir Arthur has left written instructions that his funeral be strictly secular,” his secretary, Nalaka Gunawardene, was quoted as saying by news agency AFP. She said the author had requested “absolutely no religious rites of any kind”.

    True to oneself until the end!

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