Zitater (12)


Scotland and Wales are brothers. They have to stand up against England. // You were in my class last year?! It was too many pints ago… // The English are the only ones who want a UK. They forced it on the rest of us. Ooh, look at us, we have an empire! // That was your phone ringing? For a moment there I thought the archangel Gabriel and Grand-Duke Henri of Luxembourg were coming to get me. // The cati killed the rato. The rato killed the cati. It makes sense either way now. // People pretend to like the Queen, but everyone outside England hates her. Well, some like her, but they’re nuts… uh… exceptions. // Harry is probably fighting the war all on his own. // We managed to get from our birthdays to Diana’s death within an hour. We could go work for the Daily Mail. // Okay, go to sleep now. Oh shit, yeah you’re in New York. I guess you still got some time left then. // You’re a ticking time bomb Thierry. // Should we go to other pavement? *

* = Should we cross the street?


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