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Zitater (11)

He’s not scary, he’s just… unusual. // The only ones who would still spot typos now are… well… us. // You want long grass, not short grass. Short grass is no fun. I’m not talking from personal experience of course, I’ve, uh, read it in a book. // Ech hun eng Zäit lang esouguer d’Nightly Build vun Mozilla benotzt, mee bon… irgendwann kritt en aaner Hobbyen. // The bed was moving up and down for, uh, various reasons. // I’m getting encrypted broadband because I don’t intend to stop preaching anti-Scientology, anti-Islam and anti-Religion… and would prefer it if people who didn’t like me *couldn’t* track me down and behead me. // There is an emotional level to Fish& Chips? What?! // I hate clubs. I’m a fan of high fidelity, and once you turn the volume up, that’s gone. Plus, the music they play in clubs: all total crap anyway. // Roman Catholic schools are the best places to scream really loud: “Oh my fucking God!” // The girls ruled on the nite – Thierry had his own little harem! // We gonna have a Disney marathon and you’ll have to come. You seem like the kind of guy who needs it. // You realise you’re saying “I’m not that drunk,” while you’re actually running in zigzags in the middle of the street?! // Why do I always get kicked out of pubs? // I’m internet-stalking you, in case you were wondering.

4 thoughts on “Zitater (11)”

  1. You realize that the day you’ll publish these in form of a huge book, people will go crazy… Man why are these darn quotes from people I don’t know so interesting?

  2. Et ass spéid, an ech midd, dofier op lëtzebuergesch :)

    Wahrscheinlech sinn aus sou perséinlechen Zitatersammlungen Serien wéi House M.D. oder King of Queens, Simpsons etc entstaan ;)

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