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If Hillary Clinton is our nominee, then John McCain will be our president.

Lawrence Lessig – imho one of the greatest minds of our time – is publishing some really interesting speeches on the primaries and the influence of money onto democracy. Definitely a must see!

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  1. So true!

    To everyone who doesn’t know John McCain: he wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years(!) (and he only needs the ‘OK’ from the Iraqi gouvernment for doing so) and he wants to attack Iran!

  2. Well, everyone except for Obama wants to go to war with Iran… (Hey, he is the only candidate who voted against the Iraq war.)

  3. I know ;)

    I just wanted to give your readers a quick information about McCain, ’cause most people over here don’t even know, that there are other candidates except Obama and Clinton. :D
    As you (maybe) know, I could give you tons of reasons, why Americans should vote for Obama and not for Clinton, and why they certainly shouldn’t vote for a Republican. ;)

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