Zitater (10)

“Yearning zoologists.” I like that. Write me a poem about it for next week. // I’ve heard Luxembourg is really cheap. Is it? // If I were you, I’d keep out of the EU as long as possible. The whole system is completely corrupt. You’re the country with the highest quality of life in the world. Why would you need the EU? // Alcohol is really expensive in Norway. It’s supposed to keep you from drinking. But people always find a way… // You love Pearl Jam but you hate Queen? How can you hate Queen?! // Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? // If she watches Neighbours every day, you will get into it. First week you’ll be like: ‘what the hell are you watching?!’. Second week you’ll say: ‘what’s he… no!’. Third week: ‘that’s not nice what he’s doing to her!’ And by the fourth week you’ll be staring at the tv screen and drooling. // You know we’ll be neighbours next year. That means you’ll have to make us fudge all the time. // The Norwegian S.? She’s so cool! Finally someone I can talk to in a real language. // There is no way I’ll stay in Britain after my degree. I’ll stay for the Master but after that, I’m so out of here. // 5° and no clouds. It’s Welsh summer! // Do you reckon we could ask the landlord for a couple of things? A pool instead of a lounge, large beds, a huge plasma tv, swings, a punchback, a pool table. Oh and Thierry wants his room in pink.

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  1. “Oh and Thierry wants his room in pink.” <- lulz (oder wéi geifen d’Kollegen vun Anonymous soen?)
    An iwerhaat, et ged emmer besser :)

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