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Zitater (9)

Thierry! Want a hug? // I changed my status on Facebook to ‘married’. I guess she got the message. // The film’s quite authentic about the whole Erasmus experience. Scrap the part where he fucks the doctor’s wife. // Am I the only one here who doesn’t know any German?! // Don’t tell me you didn’t know it’s Pancake Day?! // You hugged me! In public! // He knows one English word: the f-word… // Maybe they thought now that the guys are banging on the roof, they might bang as well. You know… // I don’t want it to be too much Narnia. Deep in the closet and all. // I’m getting drunk just by the thought of it. // Oh god no, it’s Paris Hilton. I need a pancake. // What on earth is a sub? // We’re gonna do a Fast Food-core. McDonald’s, Burger King, … And then we gonna sue them all cause we’re ill and it didn’t say anywhere we shouldn’t mix burgers from different places. // I’m gonna go home now, watch Heima, and cry. // It’s not a love triangle, it’s a complex constellation. // I don’t know where we’re going! I’m drunk! // He explained to me you can call someone a bitch but not a whore. I thought that was the same. // They’re playing Scottish pop. Yuk. // The day you stop drinking, your body’ll crash. So better keep on drinking.

10 thoughts on “Zitater (9)”

  1. Guess what i had for dinner yesterday evening at freind’s….bingo! Pancakes with dark brown sugar and a dash of lemon juice. :-)

  2. *den Thierry schlo*
    (“D’nächste Kéier wann ech eppes géint Travis soen, schlot mech w.e.g. :)”)<— daat hues de genee virun engem Joer geschriwen! :-P

  3. oh chris sief méi léif mam thierry =P

    …ech schloen an malträtéiren hie scho genuch

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