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I don’t watch Lost, but…

this is so cool and definitely – finally! – a step in the right direction. Hopefully they will expand it onto more series and other European tv channels.

Oh, and it doesn’t look as if the strike were over…

I ask you to set aside all the rumors, all the second-guessing, I ask you to set these aside and pick up a picket sign instead. I cannot stress how vital it is for all of us to show our commitment to our leadership during this current round of negotiations.

3 thoughts on “I don’t watch Lost, but…”

  1. I doubt it, look how long it took them to get rid of DRM and some of them are still holding on to it. But it’s a step forward at least. :)

  2. Net schlecht. Allerdengs fällt dann d’Excuse fort, fir sech d’Episode gratis aus dem Netz ze zéien ;)

    An Lost ass trotz allen Naysayers eng cool Serie. Meeschtens op alle Fall ……… :)

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