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Slowly it’s all fading

Only one thing that matters, only one.
Above and beyond cover the city
as I lay beside you watching you sleep.
It’s so easy to be with you.

I imagine back the shimmer in your eyes,
a glimmer of hope in this disappearing world.
This is life: we’re not who we want to be.

I want to lift the weight of life from your shoulders,
and the weight of death too.
I yearn to take away just one nightmare
and give you a beautiful dream instead
for ten minutes of rest before you wake up
and long for eternal sleep.
This is life: none of this was meant to be.

Above and beyond cover the world
as I lay beside you trying to stay awake –
who’ll protect you when I fall asleep?
The only one who matters, the only one.
It’s still easy to be with you.

1 thought on “Slowly it’s all fading”

  1. Daat ass erem en vun denen Texter, wou en eigentlech soss naischt soen kann wéi “Ech fannen daat immens schéin, ech well méi dovunner!”
    (Nee, mir fällt wirklech net méi an. Hach. Schön.)

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