Zitater (6)


I don’t wish death on him, but I’m a writer; I imagine scenarios… All I’m saying is, should he die, this is what I think would happen. // Do they serve beer at that coffee place? No? Hm… Can’t we go for a beer? // Mir ginn dach kee Shakespeare an den groussen Theater kucken! Mir ginn op Stratford-upon-Avon, wou se richteg Schauspiller hunn. // You know what the Welsh sing after losing a match? ‘We don’t care as long as we beat the English.’ // Only Thierry could spot that spelling mistake. Nobody else ever even heard the word. // Dude, can we put our shoes in the dryer? // Alright. I’m gonna go to the toilet, get another pint and then tell you my masturbation story. // I saw a t-shirt once saying: ‘I support Wales. And any team that’s playing England’. // Back in Glasgow you could get t-shirts saying: ‘Keep Scotland tidy. Put the waste in England.’ // Dat ass bessen wei eng Angel ausleen an net do sin wann den Fësch bäisst, wats du hei méchs. // I like it when they bleed!


2 responses to “Zitater (6)”

  1. ^^ ole ole ech hun et an d’zitater gepackt :)
    do si jo alt nees puer sefteger dobei

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