Do something crazy


Stop at a red light and wait till it turns green;
take out your earbuds and listen to the sounds around you;
walk a bit slower and watch the people passing by;
leave that cigarette in the packet and drink a glass of water;
lay back and listen to a random song;
breathe in and discover the place around you with all senses;
say sorry and really mean it;
tell your family and friends you love them and give them a hug;
make this life worth living and stay around as long as you can –
do something crazy.


2 responses to “Do something crazy”

  1. You’re so right. One could add: And never go back to normal.
    But then again craziness would be normality and it all starts over again.

  2. Uah, ech haat lo d’Betounung an d’Stemm vun der enger Mac-Reklamm (here is to the crazy ones…) am Kapp.
    Ech denken graad dunn – maachen mer en LJM-Podcast?

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