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Ask not what Vista can do for you

Just when you thought there wouldn’t be any new ones, Apple strikes again with three new Get a Mac ads. Yes!

2 thoughts on “Ask not what Vista can do for you”

  1. After one year of using my MacBook, I’ve become somewhat of a Mac enthousiast too. Still, I think their ads are rather lame. In my eyes, they’re nothing more than childish unsatisfaction from their current sales status (which is climbing though nowhere near those of Windows systems). I’m not suggesting that any of the systems is better. But that’s exactly the point, I constantly get the feeling that the Apple message is : We’re way too cool to care about Microsoft (but they’re crap anyway). I know it’s ment as a joke, but still, it’s somewhat hypocritic…

  2. As far as I know, Mac sales are rising quicker than Microsoft sales. In absolute numbers there are more Windows PCs out there of course, but relatively the market share of Apple grows more than that of Microsoft. That being said, I like the ads. It’s what every computer user is talking about, there’s no way around ever having the conversation Mac is better / PC is better. So I think it’s cool that Apple plays on that. And of course Apple cares about Microsoft, they’ve never said otherwise. Mac guy cares about PC guy even in the ads. And as Jobs said in an interview a couple of months ago: “I like PC guy.” :)

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