The Younger Version of Ourselves

There’s a picture of Julie’s big sister selling soup,
and one of Ms D. buying a cake;
my old history teacher is smiling, I never saw him like this;
my philosophy teacher stands in the back, watching Santa Claus –
I didn’t know her yet back then.
There’s a girl dressed as a present, she looks familiar
but I don’t know her name.
Here’s one of the classroom I studied Italian in,
I still hold those hours dear.
And there is Eliane; I miss standing in line to get my lunch.
In the history room are people I went to university with,
they were too old and I was too young back then.
At the back of another classroom there’s a girl I fell in love with,
she looked so different two years before we went out;
it wouldn’t have changed anything had I met her earlier.

What have they become, what have I become?

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