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Writer’s Block

Hello sunset. This blinking cursor drives me insane. When will you write? Come on. Write something. I won’t stop blinking till you do. Free indirect speech. Jane Austen. Boring. I’m insane. On the verge of giving up. I can’t give up writing.

What’s that song playing in the background? Who cares. It doesn’t inspire me. Maybe I should go for a walk. It didn’t help last time. Nothing helps.

Do you think every human has a certain quota after which he just becomes allergic to things? Different context but fitting. Random quotes running through my head. Pictures of people in front of my inner eye. I don’t recognize them. Poems bad and worse. I want to write one about you.

I don’t recognize myself. On Tuesday we were asked to think about the moment we realized that we had become a different person, an adult. Nobody said anything. Am I the only one who can pinpoint it down to the year, month, day, hour, minute, place? I didn’t say anything. This world is even more different from my own than I thought it was. Something is going incredibly wrong with this one. And I know why I can’t write.

Random thoughts but no ideas. Divorce. First love. How do you write a story for teenagers about that? Probably I won’t. I hit the keys on my keyboard, I type the world away but get nowhere. I write two pages of prose in class and end up without any idea where the story is going, because there is none.

Scribbling away. But I can’t stop writing either. Reading didn’t help. Watching a movie didn’t help. Watching tv didn’t help. Listening to music. Going for a walk. Reading. Going out. Locking myself in my room. Fooling around on Facebook. It’s all leading to nothing. Soon we will be speaking Italian around here. Nothing at all.

I miss you. Oh my God, I miss you so much. And I have no idea how I should tell you I love you.

Somebody get me out into a different world.

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block”

  1. You should visit Copenhagen. Or go to the sea and breath some air from other lands…
    I know this probably wont help, but perhaps you just can then think about something other than your block.

  2. You know I’d love to be in Copenhagen right now… :( Maybe (if I find someone who wants to come along that is) I’ll go there next summer.

    Going down to the Bay might be a good idea. It’s about an hour away by foot, maybe the walking will help this time.

    It’s not only getting my mind off my writer’s block, it’s also getting my mind off that person. And at the same time there’s so much of really bad stuff happening to people I care about and I can’t just ignore that. My head is filled up with so many things and I don’t manage to process them, not even by writing. The writer’s block seems to be a consequence rather than a reason…

    But, thanks. :)

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