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Prison Break

I so wish FOX weren’t such an effing greedy company and had not altered the plan of that series (it originally had a story arc for two seasons after which it was due to end) only because the ratings were good (that’s never stopped those idiots from cancelling a series before). Seriously, why would I continue watching that series now that they’ve not only run out of ideas to keep the series going (is it just me or is the third season just a cheap rip-off of the first season?!) but they’ve also killed my favourite character. Hoping to see that character back on the screen was the only thing that kept me going this season.

Kinda remembers me of when they killed Tony Almeida in 24. At least he properly appeared in that episode. That’s it FOX. I won’t even give any series you produce a chance anymore. It’s just not worth it.

Yes, I know. It’s only a tv series and it’s trivial. But it makes me angry nontheless to see that big corporations, no matter what they’re selling, still think they can just screw around with people who consume their products.

At least I got an hour of my week back. I’ll just use that time to read more books then. Screw you, FOX!

4 thoughts on “Prison Break”

  1. Ech hunn d’Simpsons souwisou nemmen extreem onregelméisseg gekuckt…

    Ech muss awer zouginn et hat net laang gedauert ier ech erem FOX ausgesat war. De Metteg bei engem Kolleeg krut ech vu Firefly figeschwärmt an mir hunn eis eng Folg ugekuckt. Iwweraschung, d’Serie ass zimlech nerveg (wat mech drunn erennert, firwat ech se ni gekuckt hunn). Schäiss peer pressure. :)

  2. Nee. Well House gett just nemmen op FOX ausgestrahlt awer soss hunn se näischt domatter ze dinn. D’Produktiounsfirma ass Universal Media Studios, eng Duerchtergesellschaft vun NBC, woufir d’Serie jo och net méi am iTunes ze kréien ass. Et ass also nach alles an der Rei. :)

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