Would you walk away (2)


Isn’t time the strangest of all dimensions? You cannot feel it, not see it, not hear it, not taste it and not smell it. It can be slowed down and sped up but not stopped. It doesn’t exist everywhere in the universe and nobody knows if that’s always been the case. The term always illustrates how we are bound to describe the absence of time with… time.

The perfect moment vanishes the instant you wish it would never end because that wish already anticipates the future. Time is its own nemesis.

The feeling of being in love lasts thirty-six months on average at an outside estimate. Some people may however experience it for up to seven years before the brain stops that distinct biochemical process. Most marriages nowadays don’t last that long.

Maybe we shouldn’t give time that much credit in our everyday lives for things that went well or wrong. It’s far from perfect and hardly the constant we hold it to be.

This life is the only one I’ll ever get and today’s the sole chance I have.

I love you – and even if you walk away, I want you to know.


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  1. Time scares me.
    Soss: Merci fir den Text, den huet mech un d’Nodenken bruecht.

  2. These are great thoughts!

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