I’m back

… from Hogwarts (I felt like a real fanatic going to King’s Cross just to take that picture, but hey, it’s part of London culture so what the heck).

… Downing Street (which remembers me of a maximum security prison).

… my meeting with Will Smith (who’s smaller than I imagined him to be).

… London (that big wheel is definitely worth the money when there are no clouds).

… and my only thought on the way to the airport: I do not want to leave. More from London in the following days here and on my podcast (I could write a whole book titled 2084 now).

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  1. Yuhu, Podcast! An yuhu, London ass flott! (waat freen ech mech, wann d’A. dohin studéiren geht!) :)

  2. (*_*), landman as I am, it “only” took me to Paris this summer. ;)

    I spent a holiday in London in 1993 just after graduation, together with a pal. I still like to recall those days, although my memories seem so far away now. Unfortunately I did not have a digicam back in ’93, so to jog my memory I would have to search for photographs on paper which rather seems to be a Sisyphean task in my messy “archives”.

  3. Jo, et fennt ee nawell genuch Material an intressant Mënschen an där Staat fir Inspiratioun fir ze bloggen / podcasten. :) Ma ech gi mer zwar nach iergendwann eng Kéier Glasgow ukucken, mee London ass elo emol Favorit fir meng MPhil/DPhil Studien (muss ech mer natirlech och nach eng Kéier d’Uni selwer ukucken goen mee vun deem wat ech sou vu Kolleegen héiren ass un de Londoner Unien eigentlech net vill auszesetzen). :)

    I’d have liked to go to Paris as well this summer, I love that city. Maybe we should have a blogger reunion in London. Yes I know, that’s a bit far-fetched. :D You should go back there sometime after summer ’09, they’re renovating and improving the Tube at the moment, pretty impressive from what can be seen so far. If you haven’t been since the early nineties, it’s definitely worth a trip again, the city has changed quite a bit over the last years. (Yes, I’ve been there for the first time, but I reckon there wasn’t any CCTV and similar stuff back in ’93, and it’s impressive – albeit extremely scary – to witness how a society functions that’s under constant surveillance).

  4. They’re conducting studies at my university to improve CCTV performance. From what I’ve heard from my pals (who earned 30 quid for having their face scanned) 3D surveillance is on its way. At the moment the pictures are usually too blurry to recognize faces.
    I’ve been to London a few times last year. If you actually plan to study there, let me know if you find a cinema charging less than £12.

  5. Yes, I’ve seen a documentation (on Arte I think…) about that recognition software. Fortunately it’s hardly in the early stages of development.

    Wow and there I was thinking Utopolis were expensive… The only cinemas I’ve came across were the ones on Leicester Square, and although I didn’t check the prices I strongly doubt any of those charges less than 12 quid. Should I find a cheaper one I’ll let you know. (Although I doubt they’ll get any cheaper within the next two years.)

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