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I … you.

As a painter needs colours out of visible spectrum,
as a composer needs notes inaudible to human ears,
as an architect needs material not yet invented,
I need words missing in any language.

How else could I truly tell you
what I have been feeling for so long –
with a mediocre word such as like,
a banalized word such as heart,
or an overused word such as love?

But each word I create seems
even smaller, more inane, more picayune.
What good is language
if it barely describes and never names?

So let me simply say:
“I … you,”
while I spent the rest of my life
fabricating a meaningful enough language
to describe this, and you.

6 thoughts on “I … you.”

  1. :-) Wéi oft hun ech esou eppes schon geduercht? Also net onbedengt op eng Persoun bezunn, mee am allgemengen: keng Sproch vun der Welt geht duer, fir déi erlieweten an gefillten Realiteit och nemmen unsaatzweis beschreiwen. An dach ass se daat bescht Hellewsmettel, waat mir hun.

  2. ach, waat soll ech soen Thierry… *hach*
    déi saachen déi een eigentlech scho laang wees, liest een am léifsten :) an während dem Liesen hun ech och nach “The First Day Of My Life” vu Bright Eyes gelauschtert

  3. I guess you mean verbal language. Descriptions limited to black letters on white ground trying to carry the meaning of your impressions never can deliver a complete picture – and so it has to be.

    What would happen to non-verbal communication if (written) words could tell everything? By trying to express everything in words humans set themselves on a higher level than animals, but does this help to improve their own relationships? Language is good, but only part of communication.

  4. words do never suffice, but it is the best try we got. in my overromantised world words are only needed for so long, after that you feel what cannot be said and you know the other knows and it is enough.
    truly beautiful post though

  5. I know that humans can’t express everything they feel through words, that language is limited. But as I wrote, artists / creative people of all sorts still dream of using their specific field as a complete way to express feelings. I reckon the curse of creativity is to want, but never to succeed – at least not from one’s own point of view.

    That is not an overromantizised world, that is the real world. I have had times when I just sat there with a girl for hours without saying a word and feeling as if it were the best conversation of my life (which I described in the One texts, especially part 1 and 2 ;)). But it’s not really enough. Sometimes feeling get so overwhelming nothing you say or do could ever live up to what you feel. :)

  6. Who else but yourself could ever (re?-)live your feelings? The nearest that even the person who shares your moment(s) can get to those is (trying to) understand them. I guess that’s the way it should be. The curse of creativity is also its engine. Your feelings are the fuel, your impressions the air. Keep running that engine, it takes you ahead :)

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