Beyond (Part 1): The Architect


I stopped to think for a moment and walked down the intersection road. I can’t really remember why; I reckon I didn’t even know the reason back then. It wasn’t the first time I did, but it felt different for the first time – as if someone had commanded me to walk there and I would only get the next order when I had arrived at the end of the road. Sometimes the way is the goal however and it didn’t take a long walk before I saw a man sitting in the garden next to his house with blueprints all over the table in front of him. I had only seen him once, in a setting almost as surreal as this one, and so I walked up to him to chat a bit.

He told me he was drawing the plans for his new house, to which I couldn’t but ask why, as he already had a beautiful house. He replied that he loved to build new things, and that tearing down this house and building a new one would hopefully help him better the relationship with his daughter. Before I could ask if he’d minded clarifying, he asked me if I wanted to join them. I didn’t understand how my presence could help him better the relationship to his daughter but I accepted nontheless – who knew, maybe that was the reason I was there. He showed me his latest blueprint, and I instantly saw that he was missing a white bridge to go around the house. He added it and than told me to go inside.

I entered the house through the storeroom next to the garage. His daughter was already inside and without greeting each other we sat down on the windowsill and started painting the window frames blue. It never occured to me that it was senseless to paint a window frame that was going to be destroyed when the house would be torn down, her calmness to paint the frames was contagious and so we both continued as if it were the most normal thing in the world to render something beautiful that was about to be broken.

She smiled as the sun went down and we could see a golden shimmer clinging to the hills. Then she looked down to the floor and I saw tears in her eyes.


4 responses to “Beyond (Part 1): The Architect”

  1. looking forward to partII :), one question though what is a bridge to go around the house ? I am not really sure what architecturial element I have to visualize ?

  2. Problem is I don’t really know what to call it. It’s supposed to be some sort of a deck, but around the whole house and on the second storey, not on the ground. If I find out what that thing’s called, I’ll change it. I have it at the tip of my tongue, but well, you know how far the tip of the tongue can be away sometimes…
    About visualizing: nothing in the text is supposed to be literal, it’s entirely symbolic. The more you try to visualize, the further you get away from the text. ;)

  3. right i knew that :P but its sort of hard to read metaphorically if you don’t even know the physical object that is used as an image :P. but i see what you mean a balcony going round the first floor if i get it right

  4. Not really a balcony but the image’s close enough I guess. Someday I’ll figure out what it’s called. :D

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