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Bored at work? Then why not…

make a music video?

(via kevinhasablog)

4 thoughts on “Bored at work? Then why not…”

  1. You guessed wrong. :P I’m disappointed, by the innovative look of the office as well as their obvious creativity and professional skills to put the idea into practice you could’ve guessed it’s some kind of advert company. They’re called Connected Ventures and they can be found here. :P They seem to do quite well, considering how many people they seem to have employed within just a few months. :)

  2. ^^ well actually i had read about google having a tt equipment for their employees… that’s why i got the idea its not so far-fetched since they also employ a sort of think-tank, and for an advert company i call it very unprofessional not to have some kind of discret reminder as to who they are in the vid :P

  3. discret reminder

    Well there is, actually. vimeo is Connected Ventures’ video platform. ;) Apart from that, the video looks more like a fun idea by the staff rather than an advert for their company. And putting the CV logo into a video that’s not produced by the company itself may be a bit risky.

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