Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were on stage together for the first time in years. Two men who changed the face the world like only a few have – and they’re not the ennemies some people would like them to be. You can watch the whole interview (split in seven parts) over at the official website of the D conference. Btw, the prologue is absolutely worth watching as well – Macintosh Software Dating Game, genius! (It’s some 325 MB and the interview plus prologue is about 90 minutes long, so be sure to have some time on your hands.)

Here’s the highlight reel:


2 responses to ““You and I have memories that strech out longer than the road ahead.””

  1. Ech hun mir lo tatsächlech den ganzen Interview mam Prolog ungekuckt. Oh Gott, waat sin ech en Geek!

  2. Geek sin ass schéin. :) Ech hu mech souguer ameséiert déi eenzel Deeler erofzelueden an zesummenzeschneiden, dass ech se kann an engem Duerchgang am QuickTime kucken. ;D

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