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Cheers, and ta forever.

I hear the silence.
The fan is rotating steadfastly,
the light bulb ticking loudly,
the last song wobbling.

Often have they said
“it’s over now,”
never have they known.

Some are left behind
some are lost.
I will remember her eyes,
her smile and her voice –
who knows…

The closets and bookshelves are empty,
no more sheets on the bed, it is cold,
the pictures of friends have been taken off the walls,
the echoes of my breath have already faded away.
Who will come and clean the new dust on the desk?

All the same and therefore
this life with you has been great but is over,
and it will be missed.

Goodbye my dear,
take better care of the next one,
whoever it may be.

4 thoughts on “Cheers, and ta forever.”

  1. I often hesitate before choosing the words I type, kind of indecision resulting from a lack of spontaneity when communicating by writing, perhaps due to my school career (gosh, wat a sentence…).

    This made clear, I entirely agree with you. ;)

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