She’s an artist. about forty, as most habitués here have always been,
and sits by the window, drinking the best Bloody Mary in town.
Far away from the excitement of tourists
being and nothingness flickers in her eyes
as she remembers the dream of a city of love –
a future once imagined and a past never lived.
Jazz music meanders along to the memories
streaming through her mind.

In a last effort she turns around before she leaves,
but people without dreams are all that’s left
in a world where everyone feels alone amidst the crowd.

1) Rosebud is a café in Paris with an American interior design of the 1930s.
2) Being and Nothingness is an essay by Jean-Paul Sartre which is seen as the foundation of 20th century existentialism.


5 responses to “Rosebud”

  1. and just when you thought you had to write him off he strikes back with something this beautiful: thumbs up

  2. You won’t get rid of me that easily. It was purely a lack of time that prevented me from posting something new. :)

    Thanks. I’m glad you like it. :)

  3. :-) I’m glad you’re back in good ol’ blogtown.
    Rosebud waar iwregens och en Cheat an “Die Sims” ;)

  4. régis

    rosebud huet dach och eppes mat citizen kane ze din, nee?

  5. Jo, dat war säi lescht Wuert an dee ganze Film geet jo drem rauszefannen, wat en domatter gemengt huet. :) Dorunner hat ech emol net geduecht… Kéinnt awer zumindest vum Verlangen no der Vergangenheet hier och passen. :)

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