Five ways to improve iTunes


In his latest Geek in Review my all-time favourite geek Wil Wheaton talks about five ways of how Apple could improve consumer experience with iTunes and the Store (page somewhat nsfw). Some ideas might be a bit too idealistic (like the integration of eMusic et al.), but he acknowledges that anyway and other features like his idea of how to make Cover Flow actually useful sound quite realistic. The credit for already bought songs in the iTunes Store of course has been rumoured on various websites in the last days and seems to be coming soon indeed. Update: The credit for bought songs has now been integrated into iTunes and is called Complete my album.


4 responses to “Five ways to improve iTunes”

  1. Hihi, schon witzeg: et mengt en et geif en ob eng Sait kommen déi “geek review” heescht, an wou kennt en raus? Bei Suicide Girls. :)

  2. Dofir steet nsfw hannert dem Link. ;) Seng Kolumn fannen ech trotzdeem gudd. :)

  3. Waat heesch hei trotzdem? Graad doweinst! Ech geif och gären ob enger Gothic-“Porn-Sait” eng Kollumn schreiwen. Déi geif ech dann “Panic and Horror in Luxembourg” nennen.

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