How well do you know me?

Just filled in such a questionnaire by a friend of mine. I was bored so I did one on my own. In case anyone gets bored as well, feel free to fill it in. (Q15 is meant to say “Let an old lady I didn’t know tell me the story of her life”, apparently there’s a word limit which I achieved to crack :D).
I thought it would actually be kind of interesting to see how much people got to know about me just through reading my blog (and how much the people I know in real life would have correct).

I’ll be back with a more serious post. I promise. I’m already working on a new short-story. :)

[Nobody cares about your email, just fill in anything @ idontknowwhat dot somerandomtld, but filling in your (nick)name would be cool so I could actually see who did it, it isn’t compulsory though. ;)]

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  1. You scored a 90 out of 200 – daat sin emmerhin 45%!
    Déi meescht Saachen hun ech allerdengs gerooden. An deng Musek einfach nogekuckt. Fir Pubs kennen ech déi Staater Cafén net esou gudd an mam Gedrenks war ech och iwerfroot. An autobiographesch Detailer sin… na ja, eben autobiographesch Detailer.

    An d’Politik haat ech richteg ;)

  2. (An iwregens: yeah! Eng nei Kuerzgeschicht! Weg. virun Sonnden 12 Auer, well durno sin ech eng Woch fort!)

  3. 110 vun 200… hrmpf.. :P
    ech hu puer saachen geroden… an et waren der suguer e puer richteg :)

  4. Serge

    130 fun 200
    grummel :D
    verschiddener sin awer liecht onfair :P

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