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Is Punk transgressing?

Over at clapclap there’s an interesting take on art and “punk in spirit”. While I would not agree with everything the author says, he does have a point.

. . . while you can argue that, say, Beethoven was “punk in spirit”, his music did not prominently feature electric guitars playing two strings in the interval of a fifth in an eighth-note pattern with drums playing a straight 4/4 rhythm with kick on the 1 and 3 and snare on the 2 and 4 and electric bass playing eighth notes in the root of the chord and a singer yowling about unfairness. So calling something or someone “punk in spirit” requires ignoring the art, since the art isn’t usually punk, and focusing entirely on social concerns, or else looking like a dingus. Alternately, because “punk in spirit” has a positive connotation, it gets planted on things as a way of not just saying “this is good,” but what looks punk is merely cluelessness, or stupidity, or jerkiness.

The whole article’s here.

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