A penny for your thoughts.


[song of the moment: fightstar – grand unification part 2]

No, I don’t have a point this time. I’m really sorry. I simply hope time passes a bit quicker if I blog about my insomnia; that’s pretty much the only reason why I type this post. 4 a.m. is a great time to get up, isn’t it? Lord knows why I can’t sleep. If there is one. And if he cares. Which he probably doesn’t. Listening to several different podcasts for hours didn’t really help in falling asleep. Not that I could have if I had stayed in bed. Believe me, I tried. I hung around on MySpace, I joined pointless groups on Facebook. The internet’s a pretty boring place on Monday mornings. Actually I think my whole small world is boring on Monday mornings. That’s why I usually sleep till noon. One day the insomnia will cost me dearly. It already does now. I got an incredible headache and I’m pretty dizzy. Dónde estás? I’m at a place called vertigo. It’s actually the other way round I think but once you’re at that place it doesn’t really matter if the question follows the answer or backwards. The song isn’t about the medical condition of vertigo anway.

A penny for my thoughts? That’s way too expensive for a cobwebbed empty room. And I have no idea why that sentence just made me think of that store which got a squirrel as its logo. I think it’s a squirrel. Haven’t been there in years. I don’t even have any idea why I wrote that sentence at all. It doesn’t really make any sense. Or I’m just not getting my own metaphor.

I want it to be over. I need a holiday. A real one. One with a bed which is larger than me. One during which I can get real food; if you ever thought the British not knowing the slightest thing about edible food was a stereotype, believe me, it’s not – they are probably the only nation on earth where you get asked if you want chips with your lasagna – not that either of them would be remotely tasteful on their own. Did I mention fish and chips? It’s no wonder people get scared when Jamie Oliver makes their children eat healthy food, they’ve never seen anything naturally green in their life. Apart from completely overcooked vegetables of course – vitamines are evil, didn’t you know? And I want real drinks; maybe there are bars where you can get real cocktails but so far I haven’t found any. The beer here hardly deserves being called that way and vodka comes in three different tastes: flavourless, tasteless and unflavoured. I desperately need a break. One during which I don’t have to do anything. One during which I can solve what’s ultimately causing this insomnia. Or at least try to.

A penny for my thoughts? I wouldn’t pay that much.


2 responses to “A penny for your thoughts.”

  1. I feel for you mate. Another month and you’ll get some of the real stuff from back home.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me who reads this blog. :)

    Considering a lot of work still separates me from the Easter holidays it’s gonna be a long month. ;)

    I noticed you finally put up new pictures to your website. And it seems as if you’re planning to become a blogger as well? Great idea!

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