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A few more alterations

I tweaked the design yet again. First, it addresses the criticism about the small font size. I’ve played around with several fonts and sizes over the last couple of days nights and, call me bloody-minded, none did feel right. However I respect the criticism of course and that’s why I chose a different solution to make the posts more readable: I changed the line-height. I at least like it better than larger letters. Comments are welcome.

Then, I also changed the sidebar. I have no logical reason why, but I gave it the theme of a forest. Just because it felt right. I know, a lot of things seem to feel right without any explanation these days with me. But something in my mind links autumn to forest. The countdown is gone – it was starting to annoy me and there were not that many close events worth counting down to anyway – and got replaced by the book I’m currently reading and CD I’m currently listening to. I have no idea if anyone’s interested in it, but as I’m trying to get this blog back on track with more posts that have a meaning to me rather than yet another YouTube clip or a link to some website, I thought it would be a good idea.

And that’s it. Well, for now at least. You never know what feels right tomorrow…

Oh and as a post scriptum on a completely different note, I think I found a muse again. Perhaps this feeling of being in a constant flow is what made me feel so weird all this time. I haven’t figured out what (or who – wouldn’t be the first time I were in love without actually realizing it) the muse exactly is, but I’ve been feeling creative for days now – not only by writing a whole lot myself but I’ve also read two books in three days (not for a class), something I hadn’t done in ages. I’ve even been dreaming in sequels again. That not only sounds odd, it is. I’ll probably dedicate a post to it and try to analyse that phenomenon in the days to come.

3 thoughts on “A few more alterations”

  1. Gudden Choix, kritt en besser gelies an fillt sech gudd un.
    Sidebar fannen ech interessant, mee ech sin jo emmer den mat der Motorsee, also leiwer net ze vill iwer Beem :p

    Ech well daat main Blog erem geht. Daat stresst mech furchtbaar daat den net well.

    Gudd, dass du eng nei Muse fonnt hues. Meng schengt mer momentan irgendwéi ze entwutschen. Wobai trotzdem Inspiratioun do ass.

  2. Si frou dass et der sou besser gefällt.

    Hehe ok dat war et dann mam Bësch et kennt kee Baam méi no. :)

    Wat hues de mat dengem Blog gemach??

    Ech hoffen du fenns och geschwenn erem eng. Inspiratioun ass schéin a gudd mee mat Muse mécht méi Spaass, fannen ech emol zumindest. :)

  3. Elo geht erem alles. Fannen daat ganz mysteriös. Haut de moien sin ech erem op den ftp komm an konnt meng index.php wieselen. Wiesou och emmer déi geännert waar, ech wees et net.

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