Something’s going on

I honestly have no idea what’s up with me these last few days. My inclined readership may have noticed that I’ve been using Goethe’s language a lot lately and that my posts were not only quite long but also pretty confused and probably confusing. And to cap it all now I’ve also tweaked the design. I don’t know if it is an improvement but the old one felt wrong. That’s a weird statement to make but something about it was disturbing to me.

I feel as though something big is going on. I have no idea what triggered it or what exactly it is, but it is about me and my life. I have a feeling it is for the best, though I reckon it is too early to say. Something or other is altering the way I think, the way I perceive the world and people around me. Maybe it will only be temporary, but for now it is only the beginning. I feel the weeks to come will be an interesting journey – even more as I have no idea what the destination is.

I won’t make any definite statement, but probably this blog is going to change into something different. I might go back to the basics, meaning more creative writing and more philosophical thoughts again.

Either way, I can’t negate a certain excitement and fear at the same time.

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  1. I do enjoy the new design quite a lot, frankly what annoyed me most with the old one was the choice of typography for the title which I think did not really match either your personality or your blog.

    As for the header it does the same thing as mine: it adds a graphical element, count this as general critic about designs, while knowing you I am sure that the pictures are attached to quite important memories, but for the public they are not really forthcoming with a story (which is not necessarily required but which I would like to find after reading the subtitle of your blog)

    I seriously need to post a trackback of this on my blog. (so that I can ask myself why I readily see the flaws in other designs whereupon mine is beyond all rescue)

    Of course I will not only comment on the layout ;), so here comes the rest:

    – firstly: the subtitle of your blog, I really like the metapher but I find that incomplete perhaps is a bit too pessimistic an outlook on life .. I would rather call it unfinished or wip where with your last breath you also paint the last stroke and finish your (master)piece. (if I got it wrong correct me please, if you want to say that there are things missing in life I would more than enjoy, yes I would even demand that you share your thoughts since this promises to be extremely interesting))

    – secondly: nothing wrong with changes from time to time, they keep a certain tension and friction which renders everyday interesting. (nothing wrong with Goethes language either apart from the fact that from you it sounds strange mainly because in my mind you are firmly set as the english writing person :))

    – thirdly: I would thoroughly enjoy getting to read new philosophical essays from you, thinking back I can now see a caracteristical lack thereof (now that you mention wanting to go back to basics)

    And to be true to a certain form, my conclusion: I can’t wait to see what new direction this blog will take but I am sure that I will not be disappointed (well ok to be frank I would be disappointed if you would begin to just post videos or links but I rate the probability of that at about 0,0001%)

    p.s. if my english is somewhat superficial (grammatically speaking) it has to do with the early hour and a good lack of sleep :)

  2. Hues de eppes schlechtes giess? ;)

  3. Just for the design:
    -I didn’t realise before you said it – shift+reload does wonders. I like your header, but I think the font is to small. Call me a child of web2.0, but I think a bigger font is better to read. ;-)

    For the changes/revolution:
    Move on! :)

  4. Ah, lo gesinn ech och den Update!

    Hm, ech hat deen aneren Header besser fonnt, mee bon, affaire de goût! ;) An et gewinnt een sech jo un alles, hehe.

  5. I like the new header :)

    mee ech muss soen, du bass definitiv deen méi louchen vun eis 2 ;D

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