“Goodnight dad.”


A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a Scottish Late Night Comedian, Craig Ferguson, and posted some videos from his Late Late Show. This video is already over a year old, but unfortunately I only found it now. It’s the monologue with which Ferguson earned his first Emmy nomination: the euology for his father. It’s the most honest thing I have ever seen, heard or read in the media. In my opinion it is not only the climax of television but also the pinnacle of what it means to be human.

If you’re not already crying when he reminisces the gesture his father used to make, you will at the latest have tears in your eyes when he says farewell at the end. And in a way that is beautifully sad.


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  1. joanie barbier

    good night dad is one of Craig Furgeson’s true sides… I agree it was touching and one has to respect and appreciate this guy… His humor is unique, his point of view moreso. I’ve been watching and taping the monologues for over a year. I catalog the themes and number the videos of which I must have 20 or so.
    Craig has given me a reason to want to see Scotland more than ever, to find his mom and give her a big big hug. His book was a dsappointment but his movie “Saving Grace” was great. He produced and started in it. as well as about 5 others, all which I’ve rented. He is the best on late night TV. joanie

  2. I wish I’d have a possibility to watch his entire show, all I can watch here in the UK are his opening monologues and some interviews that are posted to YouTube. But even without having seen all of his stuff I think I can agree that he’s currently the best one on Late Night. I always thought Conan and Leno were the best, but sadly they both have become a bit weak.

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