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Little princess in make-believe world

I saw you today, staring at the eternity of anticipating circles,
attired all in white as if something wonderful was about to happen,
and I realized you’d only see your captivating image in the waves
whenever you tried looking across the river.

Life beyond the inexpugnable ever-running water for an instant was so close
but then in the blink of an eye absconded as if it had done something bad
by letting me sneak a peek of you and wonderland.
The remainder is a smile pervading all the air but not meant for me
and a little bit of dewy-eyed hope that
I’ll find the bridge next time.

5 thoughts on “Little princess in make-believe world”

  1. Yeah I know I didn’t write a poem in two months and omg it was really driving me insane not being able (as in: being totally uninspired) to write anything remotely decent for so long. I reckon I’m one of those ppl who can’t live without a muse. ;)
    I’m glad you like it. And I really like that “retour de force” pun. :)

  2. at last ! :)
    your poetry was a little scarce lately … but i think this can be rightfully titled as a “retour de force”

  3. Wanns du de reportage vum bloggertreff meindes owes op TTV nët gesinn hues, kanns du et gucken op

    PS: I liked your poem. Can i leave one for you? Here it is. It’s from Portugal biggets poet (of my point of view of course), Fernando Pessoa (here signing with one of his inoumerous heteronyms):

    “Poets are fakers
    and their faking is so real
    that they even fake the pain,
    the pain that they really feel.”

    but one of my favourite parts is this one about suicide:

    “I am nothing
    I shall never be anything
    I cannot wish to be anything.
    Aside from that, I hold within me
    all the dreams of the world.”

    hope you liked it :-)
    see you, äddi!

  4. oh, sorry, i forgot… the firts poem of Fernando Pessoa is signed Bernardo Soares and the second Alberto Caeiro. He had about one dozen heteronyms :-)

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