Blogdelux: The summary

Martin has perfectly summarized the whole issue concerning the blogger meeting in a comment over at Joël’s blog. I have nothing to add.

Joel gets an invitation to go to a blogger meeting. He informs himself and makes an observation: The people who invited him earn their money through marketing. They first invited the media, then the bloggers. Almost anything connected to the meeting’s organisation seems to be closely connected to a marketing company named Vanksen which claims to do marketing in the blogosphere. He makes public his contempt towards this meeting, naming a number of so far never challenged points that lead him to the hardly surprising suspicion: Vanksen might hold some business interest in inviting bloggers. He might be instrumented.

He turns to the organisers and asks for explanations. Again and again. All he gets is a confused set of reactions in four different languages (sometimes even mixed in the same commentary): invitations to come to the meeting and ask his questions about the meeting there (i.e. to first buy the product so he can see what it does). He is getting laughed at (but from my judgement, those people who tried to ridicule him have so far arrived in the air), alleged of doing business himself (a claim construed either through obvious incapability to understand written English or worse) and I’ll fall very short of saying he’s getting insulted (and the disrespectful cordiality which has at least once been used to address Joel is not at all what I am referring to).
. . .

Read the whole comment here.

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