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iPhone accessory and the end of Blu-Ray

Kevin Rose: “Prediction: they gonna make little finger condoms for it, cause you don’t wanna sponge your screen. Watch, watch, it’s gonna happen!”
Alex Albrecht: “It’s like the socks.”
Kevin Rose: “Cause everyone’s gonna use little socks for their fingers and it’ll be a cool thing, you’ll get different colors and shit. They’ll do it, cause you don’t wanna get your screen messy. You know what I’m talking about?”
Alex Albrecht: “Unfortunately I do. You know dude we should start that company.”
Kevin Rose: “I know.”
Alex Albrecht: “iFinger.”
[audience laughing]
Alex Albrecht “Works on multiple levels…”

Alex Albrecht: “Dude did I tell you about the HD DVD thing? About the porn?”
Kevin Rose: “No…”
Alex Albrecht: “HD DVD was adopted by the porn industry.”
Kevin Rose “Oh… It’s over. It’s game over.”
Alex Albrecht: “My friends it is over. It’s over. Blu-Ray was fun, it was nice to talk about it. If you can’t get porn on Blu-Ray, done. Cause there are guys in Oklahoma who are like ‘ah need sum spankin to sum hi definition’. You know what I’m saying, ‘there’s Blu-Ray out there, yeehah!’.”

(in Diggnation @ Macworld)

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