LA Times has published an interesting article on the Gates foundation, run by Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda, which shows that this foundation is not as benevolent as it appears. Although the article is rather lengthy (8 pages), it’s worth a read and full of surprising, even shocking, facts.

Up until now I had the highest respect for Bill Gates because of this foundation, but now there’s just the more reason to deeply mistrust him.


2 responses to “The Gates foundation, or: A paradox of healing and sickening”

  1. Serge

    i have not had the time to read it all but my overall impression is: this is the legal scheme for tax evasion yes ?

  2. Yes, indeed. The Gates foundation seems to only spend money on charity because that gives them high tax benefits. They only spend 5% on charity, the other 95% go to Total, Exxon and alike.

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