It’s a small, small world

There’s nothing like a coincidence that makes you doubt it is in fact one. It just can’t be that I met the girl with the pink hair slide, got to know her and spent the rest of the evening with her. Without ever realising who she was. There definitely was something uncanny about her, but I just couldn’t figure it out. Yes, she was exactly the kind of girl I’d fall for without even taking a second look. And strangely, luckily, surprisingly, she really liked me. And then, the very moment she turned around the last time and wove goodbye, it hit me. Almost physically. I could feel the brick smashing my face. Why was my memory completely wiped out? Usually there’s a reason for pushing people into the subconscious, but what’s it this time?!

No, I won’t see her again. Which is not even my fault, but several circumstances that neither of us could change. I’m not even sure I’d want to. Yes, she’s really nice and insanely cute and God knows I thought about meeting her for a long time. But somehow there’s an indescribable feeling that tells me ‘that’s enough’. I’m not sure I want to listen to it, but I better have to, as there’s no chance that we gonna end up together. And no possibility of seeing her in the next four months. Move on says the reason; don’t forget about me says the memory; remain here says the heart. I’ve listened to my heart far too often.

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