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The Chronicles of Narnia Potter: the Return of the Eragon

Or why that whole fantasy hype in Hollywood totally sucks and destroyed a great book.

4 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Narnia Potter: the Return of the Eragon”

  1. The film all by itself might actually be good, it looks like a nice fantasy film. Considering however that the book has nothing in common with a fantasy story whatsoever but they turned it into one for the movies, yes, it seems to be total crap. I haven’t seen the movie yet and having watched the trailer, I won’t.

  2. Méngem Brudder huet de Film gefall. Mee deem gefällt och all Brainfuck a bei P.T. Anderson kapitutéiert en.

  3. Hat däi Brudder d’Buch gelies?! Allerdengs… en kléngt jo och eigentlech net grad wéi dee groussen Cinéphil… :)

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